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  • 14/04/2021 0 Comments
    Receding Gums: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

    Gum health is a vital aspect of maintaining optimal oral care. One gum-related issue Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto urges patients to look out for and promptly treat is gum recession.


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  • 26/03/2021 0 Comments
    What Happens When You Don't Brush Your Teeth?

    Many people might not realize that observing strict oral care often proves vital to optimal overall health and longevity. One maintenance practice individuals are urged to follow on a consistent basis is brushing their teeth. At the Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto, we believe it's important to understand that failing to adhere to this simple endeavour could have significant and potentially dangerous short and long-term consequences.


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  • 05/03/2021 0 Comments
    4 Ways Cold Weather Affects Your Oral Health & Tips to Help You Cope

    Unpredictable and severe weather patterns are now the new normal due to climate change. Canada, specifically in Toronto, has experienced its share of unprecedented extreme atmospheric conditions. As a result, maintaining oral health has fallen into a sharp decline. Here are four ways weather changes affect your oral health and some tips to help alleviate or reduce the pain and discomfort you may have been experiencing.


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  • 12/02/2021 0 Comments
    Does a Vegetarian Diet Affect Your Oral Health?

    At Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto, we often get asked how a vegetarian diet can affect your oral health. Today we will answer this question in depth.


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  • 29/01/2021 0 Comments
    Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

    What Is The Difference Between A Cleft Lip and A Cleft Palate?

    A cleft lip and a cleft palate are both openings in the upper lip or mouth. This occurs in the natural development of facial structure during birth. A cleft lip is when the opening is located in the upper lip, often extending to the nose. A cleft palate is when the opening extends from the roof of the mouth to the nose.


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  • 15/01/2021 0 Comments
    New Smile for the New Year

    Now that 2021 has started, the time has come to make some resolutions and to actually stick with them. Starting to compile a list of dental goals is as easy as reviewing a list to motivate you.


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  • 30/12/2020 0 Comments
    Dental Tips During Your Holiday Break

    The holidays are synonymous with sweet treats, and while they are quite tasty, they can wreak havoc on your oral health. Eating too much sugar, sticky foods, or foods high in carbohydrates can cause tooth decay or even cracked or chipped teeth. Keep your teeth healthy during your holiday break with these dental tips.


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  • 14/12/2020 0 Comments
    Holiday Treats For Healthy Teeth

    The holidays are filled with lots of sweets and treats which are great for your taste buds but terrible for your dental health. It's no secret that a diet with too much sugar promotes cavities and wears down on enamel. So, to improve your oral health while you enjoy treats, we're providing you with some yummy holiday recipes that will keep your teeth happy and healthy this holiday season.


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  • 30/11/2020 0 Comments
    Tobacco and Oral Health

    Tobacco products come with serious health warnings about how the use of this product can lead to major health problems like high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and lung cancer. But tobacco use can also affect a person's oral health in many ways as well.


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  • 13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Myths and Facts About Fluoride

    When you visit the Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto, the discussion of fluoride is likely to come up. Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in water, soil, plants, rocks, and air. In the dentistry field, fluoride is used to strengthen enamel. Besides, water fluoridation is a common phenomenon across some areas in Canada and many other countries.


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