New Smile for the New Year

Now that 2021 has started, the time has come to make some resolutions and to actually stick with them. Starting to compile a list of dental goals is as easy as reviewing a list to motivate you.


1. Visit the Dentist

You aren't going to have the ability to complete any of your goals if you continue to avoid the dentist. If it's been awhile since your last appointment, visit us at Islington Dental Clinic for a checkup. While it's true that a dentist should emphasize the importance of dental care, you don't need to be reprimanded harshly for trying to start anew.

2. Schedule Appointments in Advance

You've probably had the experience of being asked when you want to schedule your next appointment months in advance. You've also likely had the experience of not knowing the answer, pushing off the appointment and then not going at all. When you go to the dentist the next time, bring along your planner and an idea of when you're available in the upcoming months.

3. Revise Your At-Home Routine

When you go to the dentist, your practitioner likely provides you with some guidance for better dental care. Think about how you can improve the state of your teeth if you integrate even just a couple of the suggestions into your routine. After a relatively short while, the changes will feel normal. You likely won't even crave the old routine anymore.

4. Move Forward with Your Treatments

You’ve probably had dental appointments discussing treatment options that you need such as braces, screenings, or removals. Stop pushing aside important treatments that are crucial for your dental health. In the new year make sure to follow your dentist’s advice and get all necessary treatment done immediately.

You've probably said in years gone by that you would finally start to pay attention to your teeth. Think about all of the progress you could have made if you would have started the first time you said you would. Now is the time to finally make changes. Start by scheduling an appointment with us at Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto. Contact us today to book an appointment.



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