Myths and Facts About Fluoride

When you visit the Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto, the discussion of fluoride is likely to come up. Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in water, soil, plants, rocks, and air. In the dentistry field, fluoride is used to strengthen enamel. Besides, water fluoridation is a common phenomenon across some areas in Canada and many other countries.


Importance of Fluoride

Although it’s a naturally occurring mineral, it is also synthetically produced and added to toothpaste and mouthwashes. As any dental clinic in Toronto would attest to, tooth decay is a prevalent problem, especially among children. According to studies, fluoride can lower combat the prevalence of tooth decay. If you visit the Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto suffering from cavities, your dentist might suggest products that contain fluoride. Apart from toothpaste and mouth rinses, your dentist might also prescribe fluoride supplements. Notably, there is still a significant percentage of the population that can’t afford regular dental visits. Adding fluoride to water and other chemical products, therefore, offer much-needed benefits.

Myths and Facts around Fluoride

Despite the proven benefits of fluoride, there still has been much talk around it. While some are facts, others are mythical.

Facts about Fluoride

  • Fluoride comes from fluorine
  • Fluoridation is the most cost-effective tooth decay prevention measure
  • Extremely high fluoride concentration can result in fluorosis
  • Fluoride protects teeth against demineralization and remineralization

Myths about Fluoride

1. Fluoride is a Medication

Fluoride is not a medication. It is a mineral that, when used in the right amount, strengthens teeth.

2. Water Fluoridation is Harmful to Babies

The World Health Organization has endorsed water fluoridation. Contrary to the myth, water fluoridation poses no risk to children. However, kids who swallow toothpaste are at a higher risk of contracting mild fluorosis. To avoid such incidents, it is essential to supervise young children as they brush their teeth.

3. Fluoride Causes Arthritis and Cancer

There is no proven correlation between fluoride and arthritis. Similarly, there is no link between fluoride and cancer and any type of cancer.

4. Water Fluoridation is Banned in some Countries

No country has explicitly banned water fluoridation. Salt fluoridation is another common alternative in most countries.

It is important to understand the difference between true facts and myths. If you are unsure about any dental information you come across, be sure to clarify with your dentist. Visit Islington Dental Clinic today for a dental check up. Contact us to schedule an appointment!



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