Holiday Treats For Healthy Teeth

The holidays are filled with lots of sweets and treats which are great for your taste buds but terrible for your dental health. It's no secret that a diet with too much sugar promotes cavities and wears down on enamel. So, to improve your oral health while you enjoy treats, we're providing you with some yummy holiday recipes that will keep your teeth happy and healthy this holiday season.


Banana Soft Serve

We love this recipe because it's super easy to make while staying away from the sugars in ice cream that break down tooth enamel, a problem we often see at Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto. All you need are frozen banana chunks, non-dairy milk and honey. You blend them together until you have a thick and soft consistency.

Grinch Grapes

Grinch Grapes are a super fun snack to make for yourself or your kids. They're a great way to get more fruit in during the season when sugar reigns supreme. Simply add a green grape, sliced banana, and strawberry on a skewer and enjoy!

Chocolate Macaroons

If you're looking for something on the sweeter side, these chocolate macaroons are easy to make with a food processor. They use shredded coconut, coconut oil and coconut flour, all of which are easier on the teeth. Avoiding sugar and white flour helps reduce the risk of cavities.

Egg Snowmen

If you want to get some veggies in, these adorable egg snowmen are made with hard-boiled eggs, carrots and peppercorn. The carrots make for very cute noses and hats, and they're sure to entertain the kids at any festive event.

Black Olive Penguins

This recipe is both sweet and savoury. Take some cream cheese and place it in the middle of the olives instead to make the body of the penguin. Add another olive as the head, some green onions that make a great scarf, with carrots for the nose and feet.

These recipes are simple to make and provide yummy, healthy alternatives to the traditional holiday sweets that are more likely to cause dental issues. A part of keeping up good dental health is having regular visits to the Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto for checkups and cleanings. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!



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