Dental Tips During Your Holiday Break

The holidays are synonymous with sweet treats, and while they are quite tasty, they can wreak havoc on your oral health. Eating too much sugar, sticky foods, or foods high in carbohydrates can cause tooth decay or even cracked or chipped teeth. Keep your teeth healthy during your holiday break with these dental tips.


Avoid Eating Sweets Right Before Bed

Not only is eating sugar bad for your health if you eat it too late in the day, it's also bad for your teeth. If you are going to indulge, do it during the day when your body has time to process it, and when the saliva in your mouth can do its job at clearing out all the bacteria.

Swish Your Mouth With Water After Eating Sweets

Immediately after eating foods high in sugar or carbohydrates, swish your mouth with water. Then, let the saliva start breaking down any excess sugars. After about 30 minutes, you can brush your teeth to remove any residue that remains.

Pick The Right Kind of Snacks and Sweets

Dark chocolate is going to be better for your teeth than a sticky candy because it will dissolve easier. Sticky candy can get caught between teeth, causing cavities to form. It can also cause teeth to chip or crack, which could result in needing a filling performed at Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto.

Contact Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto if You Chip or Crack a Tooth

Treating any tooth problems promptly gives you the best chance at recovering nicely. The longer you wait to treat a chipped or cracked tooth, the more decay that can occur. A simple dental filling can turn into something much more invasive, like a root canal or crown.

Islington Dental Clinic in Toronto should be your first call whenever tooth problems arise. We can assist you with treating the problem, and give you advice on how to keep it from happening again. Have a happy and safe holiday break, and if you experience any dental issues contact us to schedule an appointment. Have a happy New Year! 



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